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Today I just see your new website www.bohranet.com . I hope it will be fully knowledgeable and best site for all our mumineen wherever in the world, if you continiously make improvement in this website. Few of my suggestions are below if you like to consider it.

I thinks it is very neccessary to include Photos of different occasions in which Maula comes or take part in it, hotos of waaz mubbarak of recent coming Ashaara, different photos of muqaddas maqamaat aalia are very extremely necessary to include in your website. Also news of Maula activities are required in bohranet website.

It will be absolutely better if you add page link for making araz to Maula for mumineen.

Hope you seriously consider my comments and suggestions.


Shabbir Hussain Darwalla

Karachi (Pakistan)



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Thank you for taking time to write to us.

BohraNet. is mainly a Networking Portal. The main intention of this site is to help mumineen all over the world help each other. So we have included classifieds and Forums

BohraNet will be for Non-Deeni items.  For Akhbar or Photos you may to visit Malumaat , Mumineen or ABurhani.

If you have any suggestions around non-deeni topics or improvements to existing sections, we will be happy to consider that.