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Picture Title Chef's Name Preparation Time
MUNG DAAL HALVA Jumana Ghadiali 30 minutes
Panch Poran Charchari Rehana Khambaty
nalli_gost.jpg Nalli Gosht... Saleem Pothiwala 30mins
Delicious Dates Chicken Jumana Ghadiali 40 mins
Besan Burfi Rehana Khambaty
Creme Caramel Rehana Khambaty
Coconut Milk Payasam Rehana Khambaty
Cake With No Eggs Fatema E Quilonwala 90 minutes
Strawberry Yoghurt Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Spanish rice khatija 20minutes
italian salad.jpg Italian Bean and Tomato Salad Sakina Tashrifwala 15 Mins
Keema Ghotala Saleem Pothiwala 15 min
Chapli Kabab Saleem Pothiwala 2-3 hrs
Grilled Spicy Chicken Wings Saleem Pothiwala 2 hrs
BANANA BOSTON CREAM PIE Fatema E Quilonwala 2 and a half hours
Punjabi Badi Saleem Pothiwala 30 mins
Chicken Curry in Fish Masala saleem pothiwala
Orange And Mango Sauce Fatema E Quilonwala 10mins
Mughlai Kichdi Rehana Khambaty 20 mins
Mango Ice Cream Rehana Khambaty
Date Balls... Saleem Pothiwala 1 hr
Carrot Milk Pudding Rehana Khambaty
CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE Fatema E Quilonwala 45 min
Butter Chicken... Saleem Pothiwala 35 min
Prawn Breadcrumbs saleem pothiwala