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Need a business partner or want to advertise your business.? This is the right place to do so.

You can post your business enquiries here. Use this forum for all business related discussions, to buy , sell , trade things. etc.
  • You can post only about the business permitted by our religion Eg: Alchohol, perfume business not permitted.


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I would like to know whether any mumineen has a business of electrical insulating materials (used in electrical motors, transformers, etc.).





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Dear Feroz bhai,

Can you specify whether you are looking for partnership or general help

You can start a new forum topic also

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Partnership is most welcome. Apart from this I am really interested to know about any mumineen who is into the business of electrical insulating materials.

I am into an employment which has given me good exposure to the manufacture of  electrical insulating products. Now, I intend to start my own business and before doing so, need to know the potentially interested mumineen to do this business. It can be trading, can be exports, can be imports and selling in the Indian market.

Any queries on this topic, details are welcome.

Was Salam,

Abde Syedna,



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 salaam alek firoz bhai

this is husain here .I over with my MBA and recently working with ICICI direct as an equity advisor.I also want to start a business .I dont have any knowledge of electricals but I know very well how to trap the market .As I am an MBA in marketing for your business it plays an important role.If given me a chance I will prove myself. waiting for your reply.



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would like to know how i can advertise my business here.  

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Remember you have 1 week free advertising - no obligations. You will need to provide banner or $5 if you want us to make one. We accept Indian Rupees
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 We are an established textle wholesaler of mens suit/pants/jackets fabrics, based in the US (not mumin-owned, but I work there).

Our customers are primarily in the USA, but increasingly contract the making of  the garments to makers in HK, China and elsewhere in Asia.

We need to park our fabrics with a trusted party who might have surplus room and help available to hold, cut and ship our fabrics as needed. 

We do this to a small extent right now, but the provider is a competitor in the same market so it is not a healthy situation.

We would appreciate a reference to someone/company who might be able to help us.


Zulfiqar Zakir





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 We are owner of Indore India based company  named HATIM FILE MFG. CO. brand name HATIM. A lever and flat file mfg. unit well known brand name in Indore and middle of Indian market.Now looking abroad market for business.