How can we improve networking

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The main purpose of BohraNet is to provide networking help for Mumineen around the globe. Your suggestions are welcome on how we can improve BohraNet to make it further effective.

YOu can send ideas on new features. Any suggestions/comments to improve this service is warmly welcome

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i think i did mention this before, and u, admin replied to me, that u dont have raza yet to add on descpriptions on profiles of members, but i would like to tell u thats the only way.

i can see the names of members in userlist, but i have no idea about their age, interests,etc. so i think having a better profile of members is the first thing u should try....

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give us a suggestion so I could reply to you
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the best way to network would be to post in forums, classifieds or Vepaar. The interested people will contact you. If you try and contact the people individually it will be too time consuming.

We have provided a member list which you can see after you have logged in.

To collaborate with people first decide what help or type of people you are looking for, then post in forums and see who are interested and who responds.