Start Shipping / Logistics Network of and for Mumineen Worldwide.

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Baad Salaam Al Jameel,

Self has worked in the shipping industry for 8 years and now have a vision to start a Shipping / Logistics co. which can cater to the shipping needs of mumineen.

Have already started to develop the network of Mumineen who own shipping and Logistics companies and would want more Freight forwarders (Mumineen) accross the globe to chip in so that we can develop a worldwide network.

This will benefit Mumineen Freight Forwarders, Mumineen Entepreneurs involved in containerized shipping. Even those who are working for a Shipping and Logistics Co. are welcome to join the network.

Kindly refer this article to your friends, relatives and collagues who have currently not subscribed to this group. 

Long Live our Beloved Aaka Maula (TUS) till the day of judgement .. AAMEEN!

Thanks and Best Regards,

Mohammed Esmail Sanchawala.

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